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AGS One - Recycling to help the environment

Published on Oct 11th 2019

AGS One is committed to becoming more environmentally responsible and we are always looking for ways to do this.  Recently, staff have been encouraged to put forward any ideas and suggestions they have to achieve our goal, both for project work and in the general running of our offices.

Recent initiatives to  reduce waste and curb our use of single use plastics have been really simple to introduce but have tangible benefits.

  1. We now return used coffee pods to Nespresso via their newly introduced scheme for recycling.. The aluminium (which is infinitely recyclable) is cleaned and melted down ready to re-work, and the grounds are turned into compost for farming use.
  2. We refill our handwash dispensers from large pouches, which use up to 85% less plastic on 1L refill pouch vs  4 x 250ml bottles.
  3. Lastly at this point, we have reverted to traditional glass milk bottles from plastic containers.  Putting a crate out for the milkman to refill is easy and even if the bottles get broken before they reach break-even point with their plastic equivalents, the glass is probably more likely be recycled.

It may seem like small steps, but we're trying to play our part in reducing the plastic and other waste which is all around us and even appearing in the food chain.