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Specialist Coatings

Floorings, Vinyls and Wall Coatings

Achieving the pinnacle of a premium finish with durability and value

Specialist floorings, vinyls and wall coatings applicators delivering long lasting guaranteed solutions to local authorities, public transport and private sector organisations, for commercial buildings, transport, industrial, and managed residential applications.

Four excellent reasons

Up to 30 years warranty dependent on choice of coating offers long term peace of mind. You’ll need highly experienced teams used to working in safety critical and high diligence areas.

Our teams are sensitive to the unique requirements many of our clients have, and can work effectively and safely in a wide array of working environments. Waterproof, chemical resistant, anti-corrosion, insulating, anti-slip, hygienic and durable are some of many of the options available for your coating. We put together the ideal solution to fit almost any client's application, to give you the best finish, longevity, and value for money. Our staff have been trained in the application of coatings by the relevant manufacturer or distributor, and AGS One are approved applicators by our coatings suppliers.

Our training and experience ensures that our clients get the best results, with efficient and effective delivery.


Full supplier accreditation and/or manufacturer training

By building close relationships with our suppliers and seeking full accreditation and manufacturers' training as installers and applicators where available, we have built up a comprehensive array of specialised services. AGS One prides itself in providing complete client satisfaction and outstanding delivery performance. To this end we select products which offer a premium finish, with exceptional durability and value, for a vast array of niche and challenging applications and environments.

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To arrange a survey and consultation with one of our flooring and vinyl specialists, or to obtain a sample for the floor type you are interested in, please contact us using the details below to book an appointment. We look forward to working with you.



Accredited and/or manufacturer trained applicator

Services Summary Table

Surface preparation & screeding Screeds Ardex
  Quick drying screeds Various
  Adhesives Various
  Concrete dye Ardex / Tensid
  Concrete re-surfacing - grading / flattening Various
  Encapsulated surface blasting JML Surface Prep
Waterproofing Waterproofing Prokol
  Damp proof membranes Ardex / Prokol
Corrosion control Cold galvanizing Zinga
  Corrosion primers Zinga / Tikkurila
Flooring Rail carriage flooring Altro
  Bus flooring Various
  Safety flooring Various
  Anti-slip flooring 4 Earth Solutions / Prokol / Altro
  Smooth flooring Various
  Rubber flooring Altro / Nora Floor
  Resin flooring Altro / Flowcrete
  Hygienic flooring Various
  Polyurea Prokol
  Rocathaan topcoat Various
  Floor cleaning / stain removals Tensid / 4 Earth Solutions
  Floor sealants Tensid / 4 Earth Solutions
  Floor dyes Tensid / Ardex
  Floor paint / coatings Bonda / Sigma Cover - Promain
  Consolideck Tensid
Hard surface preparation and coatings Escalator cleaning Bromoco
  Escalator coatings Bromoco / Box Wharf Ltd
  Cladding coatings Bromoco / Box Wharf Ltd
Elevation protection Anti-graffiti Tensid / 4 Earth Solutions / Aquatec
  Concrete / brick sealers Various
  Fire retardants Various
Vinyl Escalator panels / refurbishment Hexis
  VE panels refurbishment Various
  Train panels - anti graffiti Various
  Glass - anti graffiti coatings Various
Cleaning, maintenance & repair Snagging Various
  Cleaning labour supply Various
  Specialist cleaning services Various


If you cannot find what you are looking for in the table above, please email or give us a call as this list is not exhaustive.

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