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Pole and Rope Access Cleaning Services

A fresh approach to high reach cleaning

Specialist high reach hot wash services, utilising ultra-pure water. The most efficient cleaning solution. Hot purified water is even more efficient and effective than cold, as used by the majority of our competitors.

Versatile and low cost

Hot purified water kills organic matter such as algae and slows regrowth. We pride ourselves in our versatility and experience. We work in a wide variety of environments, such as commercial, domestic, rail, heritage, and much more, with adaptable solutions for windows, gutters, solar panels and cladding. The system can reach up to four storeys from the ground with no need for expensive scaffolding or cherry pickers, ensuring costs remain very competitive, and minimising the risk of damage to property. Any higher and we can use rope access.

What our clients say

"I can recommend High Reach Systems. They delivered efficient and economic window cleaning at our sensitive and unique site with a minimum of fuss."

Brigadier Charlie Hobson OBE, Master and Chief Executive of The Charterhouse.org

Gutters, vacuums and ultra pure water

Using the very latest gutter vac and camera systems, we are able to see, close up, what we are cleaning. Our clients are guaranteed the best results, and there is no chance of damage to guttering or fixtures. The window cleaning system utilises hot, ultra pure, filtered water. This new technology ensures that dirt is absorbed more effectively without the need for harsh chemicals. Plus the water evaporates without leaving any residue resulting in the perfect finish.

Rope access and brushes

Rope access using level 3 IRATA operatives for high rise applications via our specially trained teams can clean the tallest building in safety, and with strict attention to ensuring property is kept safe and protected at all times. Our brushes are designed for very sensitive surfaces such as solar panels, as well as being specially designed to ensure no damage is caused.

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