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Anti Graffiti Systems

Our specialists provide a complete package of graffiti removal services, using the latest technologies.

We work strategically in partnership with our clients to eradicate graffiti vandalism.

We provide a rapid response service for our clients, alongside an on-going abatement programme to ensure your built environment remains graffiti free. Our strategic approach is based on the location, type of environment, and our years of experience as graffiti removal experts. AGS works in partnership with local authorities, business, maintenance companies and public transport organisations to combat graffiti vandalism by providing both rapid response and emergency graffiti removal as well as long-term graffiti deterrents to  ensure public spaces remain graffiti free.


Graffiti Removal

AGS utilises a complete range of environmentally friendly products and systems for the safe removal of existing graffiti and to protect the surfaces to ensure that future graffiti can be easily removed.

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

A long term solution to graffiti using special state-of-the-art surfaces.

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