TFL Waterloo Depot Train Presentation Contract

30 Sep 2016

Summary of work


To deliver the periodic external cleaning of London Underground trains operating from the Waterloo Depot for the Waterloo and Central Lines. Specifically we achieved a sparkle clean to give the trains a near factory fresh appearance before commencing their next work cycle.


The works were undertaken in conjunction with the trains strict maintenance cycle based at Waterloo Depot. This is a highly technical environment, requiring the strictest approach to safety, and quality. The surfaces were prepped with a combination of water and our tried and tested surfacing treatment, which was then hand rinsed with clean water. A special surface renovation treatment was then applied to give it that final sparkle clean appearance, and to help protect the surface to ensure longevity and an easy clean next time.

Exceeding expectations

To ensure a quality finish a thorough project induction was provided to the teams, and operatives were retained on the project so that their experience contributed to the best possible outcome. Before works commenced, RAMS and COSHH approvals were obtained, and the operatives certification were shared with the client and TfL to demonstrate competency to work in such a technical environment. Detailed shift reports, together with before and after photography were then provided at the end of every shift, so progress and quality could be monitored at all times.

Project Photo Gallery