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About Us

AGS One has been providing a range of specialist cleaning, surface renovation and labour provision in partnership with local authorities, public transport organisations and a vast array of private sector businesses for over a decade.

Our services are complementary. They can be provided individually or as a package tailored to your needs. We undertake maintenance activities, capital projects, renovations, emergency work, and short-term one-off projects in these areas.

The quality of our services is based on the expertise of AGS One’s trained, specialist staff together with an investment in cutting-edge technology. Together this allows us maximum efficiency which translates as quality, value-for-money services for our clients.

Our business practices are designed to ensure that we are here for the long term. With over a decade of year on year growth, during a time when the national economy has endured turmoil, is a testimony to our evolving business strategy, and the talent of our staff. Supported by strong financial performance and sound commercial good practice, we are well positioned to offer our clients highly competitive services now and long into the future, without having to compromise on quality of delivery.

The welfare of our staff and those that may work with us is of fundamental importance to AGS One.

Our dedicated health and safety team are entirely focused on exceeding the compliance requirements of all the services we provide in every environment where we work. With full OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety accreditation we remain confident, yet ever diligent, of maintaining our outstanding track record of safety and compliance, from the simplest project to some of the most hostile and complex working environments. There have been no instances of non-compliance and we are consistently recognised as excellent performers in hostile environments such as London Underground.

Our focus on quality does not stop with our front line services. Sustaining the high standards we deliver, both in terms of service and compliance, and ensuring we do so competitively, requires sound processes to support this activity. As fully ISO9001 Quality Management compliant and accredited, we have the tools and processes in place to give our clients complete peace of mind.

Our core values

Underlying our dedication to client satisfaction are our core values.


The ability to be open and honest in any given situation


The ability to adapt and change as required


To keep focus on what we are trying to achieve

These values form the very fabric of our business and are prevalent in our staff's approach from the Board to our general labourers. Our adherence to these values is reflected in our peerless record of contract delivery and outstanding safety track record, together with a successful and sustainable business model.

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